• Our Philosophy


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"- Eleanor Roosevelt

Our mission is to safeguard this quintessential human right by championing social and environmental causes in the areas where we operate our businesses. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance in life and our aim is to create and implement projects that help to facilitate this. However, real success cannot be obtained by ‘lone corporate efforts’, if we are to have a meaningful impact WE need to join hands.

The HG Foundation was established to help facilitate same by providing the necessary expertise and guidance, with a primary purpose to make a difference through a sustainable approach to all the areas we visit. Our secondary purpose is to act a catalyst, or enabling agent, to initiate partnerships with other tourism organizations and institutional partners that have a shared belief with us, that we can and must make a difference. 

By working together we can ensure a tomorrow where it is possible to dream

Our philosophy