Environmental Projects

With pollution there is no ‘gone’. There is nowhere for the waste that we produce to go. It takes thousands of years to ‘break down’ into micro pieces before it finds its way into our food chain. Plastic was hailed as one of the greatest inventions of its time, it has now come back to haunt us as one of the highest pollutants in the modern era.

It’s not just our oceans; the whole planet is facing the highest level of peril, with extinction of the human race becoming a very real possibility unless concrete action is taken. History will judge us on the actions we have taken, the legacy we leave behind.

Please see below for a selection of projects that are open to participation. 

  • Environmental Projects
Reality Check

By 2050 there could me more plastic in the ocean than fish, with 100% of marine animals suffering from plastic indigestion.


Open for Participation
Cat Ba Langur Project
Please help us to to save this species by supporting the conservation project. As of July 2016 only an estimated 54 individuals remain
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Open for Participation
Ha Long - Cat Ba Alliance
The HG Foundation proudly represents the Bhaya Group, a founding member, on the leadership committee of the Ha Long Cat Ba Alliance.
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Open for Participation
Ambassador Ted Osius-collecting-garbage
Following the banning of polystyrene in Ha Long Bay and a call for its replacement, we are now ready to move to the next phase of the project.
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