Corporate Social Responsibility

They say charity begins at home. Therefore any good CSR program has to consider the implications of the emissions they generate by balancing it with reductive measures and targeted performance. 

It’s a fact that CSR garners higher employee engagement. They are made to feel part of something, impacting the greater good. This leads to lower retention and absenteeism, both components which directly impact business cost and profitability. Finding the right way to engage your teams will lead to a leaner business model with greater emphasis on waste reduction and a higher yield on your ROCE.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Reality Check

On average, you can reduce your expenditure on water, electricity and stationary be 10-15% by implementing a GEENoffice program.


Open for Participation
GREENoffice Program
During 2017 we will implement our GREENoffice initiative in all of our offices, affirming our commitment to sustainable brands.
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Open for Participation
GREENdevelopments for Business
Would you like to achieve 'true carbon neutrality'? The Foundation has developed a complete framework that can support your GREENdevelopment.
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