Preah Dak Village, Siem Riep

Open for Participation

Introduction: Preah Dak Village is located on the east grand circuit at Angkor. Inside the commune where we conduct our carbon offset program there are circa 200 families of which most are very poor. We believe in doings differently so we don’t just want to offset carbon, we want to create some benefit to the communities where we plant our trees, where possible. In order to support this vision we aim to plant 1 000 trees over the course of the project. Initially this will help to provide fresh fruits, but with a longer term objective of creating a micro economy, whereby the villagers will be able to sell the fruits and generate income.

Scope of Project: You are a few clicks away of having a carbon neutral holiday.

             Step One: Calculate the emissions from your holiday using our Carbon Calculator

             Step Two: Complete the Leisure Registration form and email us details of your trip for verification

The Foundation will provide you with a carbon certificate detailing the amount of carbon you offset as well as the potential number of fruits your trees will produce over their lifetime. You also have a choice of appearing on our Hero’s Wall where we celebrate our GREENtravellers.

Duration: Until we have reached our goal of one thousand trees

Please click here if you are interested in participating.