Luang Prabang Primary School

Open for Participation

Introduction: Luang Prabang, considered by many writers and travelers as being the heart of Laotian culture was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. There are circa 450 000 inhabitants in this beautiful city with no suitable children’s playgrounds in the city center. Playgrounds form an essential part of any child's development as it teaches them coordination and how to socially interact with other children. The playground will be accessible to the children from the two other primary schools, and as such, is expected to become a hub in the community where families can integrate and have shared experiences and memories, forging stronger community ties in the process. 

Scope of Project: This is a CBT project that offers the possibility to be added on to a tour of Luang Prabang. The building of the playground offers a fantastic team building or volunteering opportunity. Our vision is to use recycled materials so that it also becomes a mechanism to increase awareness on the importance of recycling.  

Note: We can tailor the project to suit your allotted time

Duration: Short Term

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