GREENdevelopments for Business

Open for Participation

The Foundation has developed a Sustainable Development Framework of which the aim is to set a new standard for Sustainable and Responsible Developments in South East Asia. We can support you from inception to post completion, tailoring your development to your specification. This could be as simple as achieving energy efficiency or indeed attaining a ’true carbon neutral' rating. This includes a comprehensive review from the planning stages until the doors open for the first time.

Most carbon neutral programs don't consider the imprint from the planning phases; the production of the materials used and the impact of these processes. We believe true carbon neutrality can only be claimed if you consider the aforesaid.

By partnering with us for your future developments you can ensure that you get the specialist support and have access to all the latest greenest technologies.  

Our system covers the following aspects:

  1. Material Review - Production phase
  2. Travel Review - Recording of carbon footprint through development
  3. On site Development process - Recording of carbon footprint through physical development
  4. Team and Community Review
  5. Waste water Management - Grey and black water recycling
  6. Water harvesting - Underground - Over ground
  7. Energy - Natural Heating / Cooling Technologies
  8. Supplier Assessments 
  9. Carbon Offset 
  10. Operating Procedures to support post completion
  11. Annualized Review

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