The HG Foundation, in collaboration with the Bhaya Group, launched a campaign on the 21st of February to help raise awareness and funds for the critically endangered Cat Ba Langur monkey. It is estimated that there are as few as 54 individuals left in the wild.

FEBRUARY 21, 2017

HA LONG BAY, VIETNAM – Continuing in their substantial efforts to support conservation initiatives and responsible tourism operations in Vietnam and beyond, Bhaya Group and the HGFoundation have launched a new campaign in association with the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project to raise funds, and awareness, for the much loved but endangered Cat Ba Langur.

This critically endangered species of monkey is endemic to Cat Ba Island. It is one of the rarest primates in the world, and is the rarest in Vietnam. The Cat Ba Langur has been included in The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates list since the inception of the list in 2000. The population has fluctuated over the years, increasing slowly, but always remaining low. As of late January 2017 the total wild population count was only 54 individuals. The distinctive yellowish head, extremely long tail, and great agility are key characteristics of this primate.

Working in collaboration, Bhaya Group and the HG Foundation are running a wide-scale campaign with the primary aim of raising funds for the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, whose members have worked tirelessly for over 16 years to stop poaching and protect the habitat of this langur species. The project also aims to generate worldwide awareness for the cause. The HG Foundation is the CSR arm of HG Holdings, which owns and operates ASIA DMC, Bhaya Cruises, Gotadi and HG Aviation.

“The Cat Ba Langur should stand as a symbol for sustainable tourism in Vietnam, and it is deeply troubling that the population has dwindled to such low figures,” commented Darius Postma, Foundation Director. “Responsible travel has become vital in securing the future success of tourism in Vietnam and we are determined to make a positive impact.”

The first step of the campaign involves selling specially designed Cat Ba Langur toys and fridge magnets, with 50% of the profits going directly to the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project. In addition to this, all operating staff of Bhaya Cruises will join a Langur awareness-training programme, with the aim of making Bhaya team members representatives for the project to spread awareness of the critical situation facing the animals.

“We are in the unique position to generate widespread awareness for the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, and we are proud to stand as representatives for this cause,” said Lý Thụy Huỳnh Như, Managing Director of Bhaya Cruises.

“With the campaign in place, our coalition is hopeful that the future of this unique indigenous species will soon seem brighter. By raising public awareness of the problem, we can hopefully ensure that the Cat Ba Langur has the opportunity to prosper once again,” she added.

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