Ba Be National Park - Vietnam

Open for Participation

Introduction: The Park was established in 1992 by the Vietnamese Government to help preserve forest ecosystems in the northeast of the country. Most of the communes in the park are facing severe difficulty due to none extant infrastructure, access to investments and orientation in developing sustainable economic activities. They are therefore dependent on 'forest food’, which has an incumbent impact on conservation in the area.

Scope of Project: This is a CBT project that offers various opportunities to explore. More than 50% of the ethnic minorities comprising the; Hmong, Dao and Tay groups, still live below the poverty line, subsiding on less than $1.90 a day. There are several schools with buildings in various stages of degradation that needs to be restored, which can be incorporated into a current tour. This project further offers the opportunity to develop a bespoke educational program on the importance of sustainability, which will allow us to educate our next generation of environmentalists.

Note: We can tailor the project to suit your allotted time

Duration: Long Term

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