Action for a Green Halong

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Introduction: This campaign was launched on the back of one of Bhaya Group’s internal programs, whereby all of their onboard teams collected as much garbage as possible on every cruise. The project leader started classifying the garbage and came to some staggering conclusions. On average plastic made up circa 50% of debris that was removed, with polystyrene and fishing lines / rope making up second and third place respectively, around 15%. During 2016 their teams removed an estimated 3 000 kg’s of garbage from the bay, that would have otherwise been drifting around, causing insurmountable levels of damage to the marine eco system.

Scope of Project: The vision of the Group was always to build this into an industry program and with the support of IUCN and the Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance; we launched our first big cleanup event in June 2016. This was followed up by a second event in January 2017. Cumulatively through the two events more than 1399 kg’s of garbage has been removed. It also led to the Bhaya Group receiving official recognition from MCD for their Conservation and Raising of Awareness of the plight of Ha Long Bay.

Duration: Long term

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