Carbon Offset

The average person produces 11 kg of carbon per day, or just over 4 000 kg’s per year, just through living. This excludes the emissions from our homes, cars, holidays, visit to restaurants and more. On average a tree absorbs between 10 kg’s (fruit trees) and 20 kg’s (other) of carbon over its lifetime, which can be anything between 20 years for fruit trees and 100’s of years for others. 

At HG-Holdings we believe in doing things differently so we don’t want to plant 'just' trees. Our carbon offset formula makes provision for 75% fruit trees and 25% normal trees to balance the carbon sequestration value. In this manner we are able to offset carbon, whilst at the same time also providing some community benefit in impoverished areas.

Please see below for a selection of projects that are open to participation. 

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Reality Check

Higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere is leading to trees maturing earlier and dying quicker, reducing the amount of carbon that is absorbed by up to 30%.


Open for Participation
Koh Trong Island - Kratie Cambodia
The Foundation aims to plant 75% fruit trees and 25% normal trees so the carbon sequestration is perfectly balanced, to allow the maximum impact.
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Open for Participation
Preah Dak Village, Siem Riep
We like to do things differently, so we don't want to just offset carbon, we want to create dual benefit by planting fruit trees wherever possible.
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