• "The Foundation was founded by HG Holdings family of brands with the goal of making a meaningful difference to the communities we visit and minimizing our environmental impact."
     Tran Thanh Nam - CEO of HG Holdings   


  • Community Based Tourism Projects
    Community Based Tourism Projects

    Let us connect you to your project of choice. You can partner with us on an existing project or we can design a bespoke one that fits your itinerary. By joining us we can have much bigger impact, and reach. Together we can change the world.

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  • Environmental Projects
    Environmental Projects

    The planet is suffocating in pollution. Our insatiable appetite for plastic is ruining our marine eco systems, whilst countless species are being lost. We are quickly running out of time. Please help us to protect our world by volunteering or donating to one of our projects.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a business accessory, it is an essential part of how success is measured. If we are to effect real change we need all the corporates to stand up and take responsibility. It takes only but a moment to destroy something, but once lost we can never get it back.

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  • Carbon Offset

    It wasn’t so long ago when people used to laugh at the so called ‘tree huggers’. Today there however is real need for all of us to look deeper into nature, to understand our impact, to know how we can make a difference. If you haven’t done yet, join a carbon offset program today.

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